Astrid Gil-Casares

She is a Norman, Viking descendant of the "North Men", the men come from the north. A culture where tattoos are shields, protection. Astrid became the first at forty-four, and the last at forty-six, when she stopped suffering. Thus we begin his story, a story of overcoming, of finding oneself, of resilience, constancy, of suffering, of love, of learning from the paradoxes of life in order to finally be happy. This is how she defines her current state: happy, free and grateful.

Our founder, after reading several French classics at the age of fourteen, one of the conclusions she drew is that once you had “ruined your reputation”, you could live freely. For her, "ruining your reputation" was never doing something bad or ashamed of, but living by what makes you happy and feels right - no harm.

In her youth she went out until untimely hours, she had friends much older than her, she worked in investment banking, she lived in London, a place and stage in her life of which she keeps beautiful, wild and exotic memories; He married, had three daughters - the engine of his life - and got divorced. 

Dedicated to her three daughters and their professional development, she is now a writer who has just released her second novel, a film scriptwriter, and an entrepreneur of this new project. Self Pit Stop.

Self Pit Stop

"My idea is to offer products that help us remind ourselves of the importance of pampering ourselves, of taking care of our being and our spirit as we take care of what really matters to us - our children, parents, siblings, friends, work, home ... -, but without forgetting something that goes beyond us (or us) and our “circle”. That is why our products are vegan and ecological, because I believe that we are part of "a whole" and I want to respect and care for the Earth as she cares for us all.

I would like to get everyone (and everyone) to remember to love each other as we love our neighbor. No more but no less (and this is not always as easy as we think). "